Pecanpals natural wood tone by Noferin

Wooden Pecanpals

Over two years in the making, we finally released our colored wooden Pecanpals in 2008.
They sold out immediately.
In 2009, we released our natural wood edition of the Pecanpals. They sold out just as quick.Pecanpals by Noferin finalist Desktop Magazine
In 2010, we released our third and final edition of the Pecanpals – monotone.

About the wood we use: Pecanpals are made from sustainably harvested rubber tree wood that would otherwise go to waste. Rubber trees are planted for their rubber but after about 20 years, their rubber yields start to diminish. We use this beautiful wood for all our wooden products, thus saving it from the fire pit.

Stocked by leading museums, galleries, art, design and gift boutiques worldwide.

Not a toy. Not intended for collectors under 15yrs.

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